We’re Not Just Another Equestrian App

Levade is an all-in-one mobile platform that collects and archives the most important elements of your lesson.




How It Works

Ride, Record, Review, Repeat.

Easy-to-use features allow for you to focus on the tasks at hand instead of getting caught up in distractions.


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Levade’s Benefits

The Levade platform was built to support all equestrians. Whether you’re looking to improve your horsemanship, grow your business, or get the most out of your equine investment.



Get the most out of your lessons. 

Save money and time.

Review what you worked on, watch videos of your rides, keep track of the feedback your coach gives you. Anytime, anywhere. 


Make your business run like never before. 

Set your coaching services apart from the competition.

Keep track of all of your horses, riders, and owners in one easy to use app. Watch your horses and riders improve under your training plan with the data all laid-out for them. 


Keep track of all of your horses.

Get the most out of your investments.

Check up on your horses, riders and programs so you’re in the know, always. 


Product Features

The Levade platform is made with special easy-to-use features to help you ride, record, review and repeat.

Start seeing the difference today.


Photo & Video Storage

Say goodbye to the days of nagging your coach to send that photo, or having to dig through your photo library to find the last video your coach took during a lesson. Store your photos and videos alongside the key points of feedback from that lesson to help you review, recreate, improve and master your skills.


Schedule & Calendar

Never miss a lesson or appointment for your horse with Levade's integrated calendar system. Seamlessly track appointments and meetings for multiple horses.


Live Audio-to-Text Recording

When you're sitting on a horse barrelling towards a jump, you can't pull out your notebook and jot down what your coach is telling you to focus on. But with Levade's voice-to-text feature, you can effortlessly document and archive exactly that feedback. This allows you to review it anytime, making sure what you're learning isn't slipping through the cracks.


One-Stop Information Hub

Stop second guessing your skills and progression. Build your craft by properly utilizing the tools your coach is giving you. Never miss a beat and stop losing information. Keep track of your feedback, have plentiful resources, and stay in touch with your trainers all in one easy to use space.

The Levade method allows me to clearly see what I need to work on in steps by studying the lesson notes, the video clips and the positives from each lesson which has resulted in real progress.
— Marion, Ontario