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meet Levade


Levade is a mobile platform that collects and archives the most important elements of each lesson.

The coach records comments and corrections in the app during the lesson using voice to text technology. 

Both photo and video can be recorded within the app.

Student and coach can access the information at any time after the lesson. They can track their progress, build their log and teach/learn more precisely. That way, they are better prepared for the next lesson and ultimately progress much faster.

The tool is designed to assist everyone – the coach, student and horse-owner.

Never before was there a comprehensive tool like Levade to help riders progress. 
never before was money spent on lessons so accountable.


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live audio-to-text recording

When you're sitting on a horse barrelling towards a jump, you can't pull out your notebook and jot down what your coach is telling you to focus on.  But with Levade's voice-to-text feature, you can effortlessly document and archive exactly that feedback. This allows you to review it anytime, making sure what you're learning isn't slipping through the cracks.

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photo & video storage

Say goodbye to the days of nagging your coach to send that photo, or having to dig through your photo library to find the last video your coach took during a lesson. Store your photos and videos alongside the key points of feedback from that lesson to help you review, recreate, improve and master your skills. 


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schedule & calendar 

Never miss a lesson or appointment for your horse with Levade's integrated calendar system. Seamlessly track appointments and meetings for multiple horses.


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One-stop information hub

Stop second guessing your skills and progression. Build your craft by properly utilizing the tools your coach is giving you. Never miss a beat and stop losing information. Keep track of your feedback, have plentiful resources, and stay in touch with your trainers all in one easy to use space.