Levade Is An
In-Depth & Interactive Training Log

Keep track of lessons in real time and to review them again after.

Have all of your lesson information at your fingertips allowing you to train like never before.



Get the most out of your lessons.

Save money and time.

Review what you worked on, watch videos of your rides, keep track of the feedback your coach gives you. Anytime, anywhere.



Make your business run like never before.

Set your coaching services apart from the competition.

Keep track of all of your horses, riders, and owners in one easy to use app. Watch your horses and riders improve under your training plan with the data all laid-out for them.



Keep track of all of your horses.

Get the most out of your investments.

Check up on your horses, riders and programs so you’re in the know, always.

After 3 lessons with Levade I stopped reading books, stopped taking my own notes and stopped the internet research.  Instead I focused solely on the lesson notes and videos from Levade and finally I can see I am making real progress.
— Marion, Ontario

Levade Is Here To Support You & Your Team

On average, we lose 70% of information we are told during a lesson.

That’s why we made Levade, to help equestrians get the most out of every ride.


What Sets Us Apart?

Levade’s voice-to-text technology, photo and video storage, lesson archives and overviews, and resource links and scheduling.

So, pretty much everything.

This is a very impressive tool for any horse and rider to use to assist them in accomplishing good communication skills.

We take lessons so we can improve our riding and this tool allows you to review those lessons as many times as you like. You own it. It’s an investment!
— Diane Cooke