The App that will revolutionize your ride


Are you getting the most out of your lessons?

On average, we lose 70% of all verbal information given to us during a lesson. As equestrians, we recognized that we weren’t making the most of our time in the saddle. Levade was built to change the way we teach, learn, and communicate.


A one stop information Hub

One space for coaches and riders to keep track of lessons in real time and to review them again after. Either together or on your own, have all of your lessons information at your fingertips allowing you to train like never before.


levade’s easy-to-use interface was designed with critical features to help coaches, riders, and horse owners learn faster by keeping track of lessons in one place. What sets it apart is it’s voice-to-text technology, photo and video storage, lesson archives and overviews, and resource links and scheduling.


Levade is the app that will help you to elevate your ride.