Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find some of the most common questions about the Levade app with our answers. If you’re question isn’t here just drop us a line at to get assistance.
Happy Riding!


What does Levade mean?

Levade is one of the most difficult movements of classical dressage and the inspiration for our app.



What's the fastest way to start a training session?

1. Download the app.

2. Click the + icon on the bottom right of the home screen and tap the rocket ship to launch a lesson now. Fill in new rider name or scroll from your team list. For a new rider add the email address, but make sure to use the correct email address as the app operates with email links between all members of a team. Create a "team" by adding the horse. The rider will receive an invite to Levade by email and can register and fill in all other information as well as their horse's info at their own time.

3. Fill in your lesson details from the drop down menus such as lesson type and footing and press the orange "start lesson" band to get started.



Who's in a Levade team?

A Levade team consists of coach, rider/student, owner and horse. A coach can be a rider and horse owner. All team members are linked by email, only the horse is entered under the owner's email address (we want to ensure he won't use your phone!) and only the owners can edit their horse's information. Lessons are initiated by the coach and a coach can have an unlimited amount of riders/students. If a horse gets trained without coach, the rider will be entered as coach and student. If the owner is an active Levade member they will receive all training logs created for their horse.


How do I create my team?

On the home screen tap the team icon on the bottom right and then tap the round team button popping up. select the user type and contact info. Make sure to enter the correct email address as Levade operates with email links between all team members

I invited a new team member, but can't find them on my list

If you tried adding your own horse and can't see or edit it on your list, make sure the email address you entered for the horse matches the owner's email address. You can check this by clicking on their profile. For riders and coaches: If you cannot see the person you invited, the email addresses don't match up. You will need to ask your student or coach to invite you making sure that they use the same correct email address you are registered with, or you can resend the invite using the correct email address of your new team members.

I made a typo in my team list and can't edit the info I entered

We believe you are flawless and don't make typos. If it truly happened you will need to reenter the team member and keep the reminder of your typo in your contact list. We will have the editing feature in our next release.

How many lessons, students and horses can I have?

You can have an unlimited amount of students and lessons. Your pocket book/partner/accountant will help you determine how many horses you can have!

How can I take a video?

Press the camera icon when you are on the lesson page to activate the video, which will be automatically uploaded to the lesson when completed and in a wi-fi area.

Why are'nt my photos and videos uploading?


The app uploads photos and videos when you are in a wi-fi zone. You will get an 'upload pending' message when you don't have wifi. The app will upload the info as soon as you get back to wifi and won't use up your data plan.

Do you need an internet connection to run the app?

You need an internet connection to launch the app. If you lose the connection during a lesson you can still continue running the app and all your scheduled lessons.

Who can see my lesson details? Elaborate on privacy

Only coach, rider and horse owner can see the lesson details and coaching comments.

Can I listen to the coaches comments on Levade?

No, you cannot. The app works with voice to text, video and photo.

How can I receive additional support to use Levade?

You can email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Levade tutorials are easy to access on YouTube and cover the most common questions.